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Saver Super Saver (3x) Cashback Details
18.75% 56.25% Domains
18.75% 56.25% Nc Domain Registration
18.75% 56.25% Nc Domain Transfer
16.25% 48.75% Default
12.5 37.5 Nc Webhosting Unlimited
12.5 37.5 Unlimited
10% 30% Nc Websitebuilder Unlimited
10% 30% Nc Websitebuilder Basic
10% 30% Nc Websitebuilder Large
10% 30% Nc Vps
8.25 24.75 Large
8.25 24.75 Nc Webhosting Large
5.75 17.25 Medium
5.75 17.25 Nc Webhosting Medium
0 0 Nc Webhosting Others
0 0 Ec Websitebuilder Unlimited
0 0 Sonstiges
0 0 Ec Websitebuilder Others
0 0 Ec Webhosting Large
0 0 Ec Webhosting Others
0 0 Ec Websitebuilder Large
0 0 Bestandskunde
0% 0% Ec Vps
0 0 Sitebuilder
0 0 Ec Domain Transfer
0 0 Ec Webhosting Medium
0 0 Nc Websitebuilder Others
0 0 Ec Webhosting Unlimited
0% 0% Ec Domain Registration
0 0 Ec Websitebuilder Basic

Cashback Terms

  • Once an order is placed by an Eazme Customer using the Shop Now Button , the cashback will be added to the account automatically within 72 hrs. The cashback amount will be calculated based upon the Net Paid Value.
  • Cashback amount may vary at the time of confirmation, on the basis of Order Value/New User/ Old User/Coupon used.
  • Final confirmation of the cashback may take up to 45 to 90 days.
  • Only purchases made via web and mobile web version are eligible for cashback.
  • In case the order is returned or cancelled, the transaction becomes invalid and cashback won't be applicable.
  • Please ensure to not visit any other coupons or deals website, while browsing through or making a purchase from Eazme. This may affect tracking your cashback.
  • The cashback percentage showcased above is the highest offered by this particular merchant. Depending upon the category of purchase, your cashback percentage might differ.
  • In case of missing cashback, you can file the missing cashback ticket.
  • Missing cashback tickets need to be reported within 30 days from purchase. Otherwise, it will not be taken into account.

How it Works?

  • Shop at your favourite store via Eazme and get cashback on almost all your purchases, credited directly to your Eazme account. Please read the Cashback Terms carefully.
  • Kindly add products to your cart, only after clicking out from Eazme.

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